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Role in the project

Within SOTERIA, AREVA NP SAS contributes to the analysis of Irradiation Assisted Corrosion Cracking though tests, material characterisations and analyses of the experiments.

Personnel involved

Lionel FOURNIER, Materials/Corrosion Expert
Technical Leader of the Framatome Owners Group Corrosion Working Group
Principal Investigator of several EPRI contracts related to corrosion issues and
materials ageing with the PSCR (Internal oxidation as a precursor of Alloy 600
PWSCC, Crack coalescence) and the MRP (Void Swelling, Irradiation creep, Austenitic stainless steel
stress corrosion cracking in out of specifications primary PWR water, Mitigation techniques).
Gilles Perrin, Engineer
AREVA fellow, more than 80 publications in Mechanics and Materials. R&D manager in materials and mechanics.
Definition and supervision of a thesis on hydrogen induced flakes.
Teaching at Ecole polytechnique and Université de Bourgogne
Nicolas Huin, Project Manager
1 year experience at AREVA Technical center in charge of Stress Corrosion Cracking.
4 years of experience at EDF R&D in Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue. Multiple collaborations with EPRI and MHI.
PhD in Material and Mechanical Engineering with ENSMA
Master, 2 Bachelor and College degrees in Material and Mechanical Engineering.
Nicolas Huin

Available Documentation

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