Arts et Métiers

Arts et Métiers is a higher education engineering school in France. The school trained 85,000 engineers since its foundation in 1780 by the Duke of La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, and it remains a high-status and selective French Grande Ecole. It includes 8 Education and Research Campus and 3 Institutes across France. Arts et Métiers is a "Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution" (EPSCP) under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. With 15 research laboratories and 1 PhD program, Arts et Métiers develops teaching and research activities in five strategic fields:

  • Future of Manufacture
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Health Tech
  • Construction

At Arts et Métiers, the shared goals of the research and industry stakeholders bring them together to develop projects and skills to promote the emergence of new ideas in response to rapid technological changes. This approach enables the school to maintain the highest levels of expertise. Furthermore Arts et Métiers has been involved in several European Projects, as a partner and as a coordinator.

Role in the project

The laboratory LEM3 is involved in WP5 in the task “Development, validation and integration of models to assess RPV and internals components under irradiation” (coordination: Mr M. Berveiller, EDF).
Arts et Métiers is in charge of “In situ SEM characterisation through different loading paths and stress measurements”, especially for stainless fcc steels.
The microstructural evolution is studied under thermomechanical loadings in SEM in order to identify relevant microstructural lengths or critical sizes responsible of damaging. A correlation is made with stress measurements at different scales (XRD and microdiffraction).

Personnel involved

Raphaël Pesci, Assistant Professor, Materials Science
Studying the behavior and damaging processes of materials at different scales in linked with the final mechanical properties and service life. Correlation between experimental observations and modelling.
Field of expertise: Metallurgy, Rheology, Micromechanics/polycrystalline modelling, experimental testing (SEM, XRD, thermomechanical tests...).
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Sophie Berveiller, Assistant Professor, Materials Science
Main research activities: multi-scale experimental study of mechanical behavior, multi-phased materials with evolving microstructure, development of X-ray diffraction stress analysis, relation microstructure-mechanical behaviour.
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Célia Caër, Dr. Ing. Material Science
Post doctoral position, teaching material sciences to students.
Main research activities: in situ tests operated in SEM and with XRD, characterization of microstructures and mechanical properties evolution under thermomechanical loadings.
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