Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

HZDR is a non-profit scientific organisation funded by German Federal and Saxonian Authorities and a member of the ”Helmholtz Association”. The application-oriented basic research is focused on three major research topics: matter, energy, and health. Around 1000 people are employed at HZDR. HZDR consists of a number of 8 institutes, of which the Institute of Ion-Beam Physics and Materials Research and the Institute of Radiation Physics are contributing to the SOTERIA project.

Role in the project

The project benefits from HZDR’s experience in the fields of microstructural characterisation of irradiated nuclear materials, atomic-scale modelling of irradiation induced defects in Fe-based nuclear materials, and mechanical testing of irradiated materials.

Personnel involved

Hans-Werner Viehrig, Dr
He received a PhD in Materials Technology in 1985. He is the leader of the “Fracture Mechanics Testing” group, with long term experience in mechanical testing of irradiated structural materials, fractography and small specimen techniques. He was involved in IAEA CRPs (e.g. on Master Curve testing) and the European projects FP5-ATHENA, FP6-PERFECT, FP7-PERFORM 60, FP7-LONGLIFE and in several national projects. He contributes to WP3 (mechanical testing and fractography) and is task leader of Task 3.3.
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Andreas Ulbricht, Dr
He received a PhD in Material Science and is senior researcher in the ""Materials Characterisation"" group with long term experience in irradiation effects in structural materials, experimental characterisation of irradiation damage (small-angle neutron scattering and other methods) and modelling of hardening of structural materials. Former projects include FP6 PERFECT, FP7 Perform-60 and FP7 LONGLIFE as well as national projects. He contributes to WP2, WP3 (microstructure characterisation) and is task leader of Task 2.1.
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Cornelia Heintze, Dr
She received PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 and is co-head of the ""Structural Materials"" division. She is an expert in the characterisation of structural materials by means of TEM an nanoindentation. Former projects include the FP7 projects GETMAT and MATTER. She contributes to WP2 and WP3 (TEM and ion irradiations).
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