Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire

The Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire gathers more than 1700 experts and researchers. It carries out research, analysis and work in the fields of nuclear safety, protection against ionising rays, control and protection of nuclear materials and protection against acts of malevolence. IRSN plays an active role in providing information to the public within its fields of expertise: nuclear and radiological risks.
In the domain of materials ageing, IRSN performs research activities regarding processes associated with irradiation effect and occurring in nuclear materials. This Research involves the development of theoretical and numerical methods.
As a Technical Safety Organization (TSO), IRSN analyses the files submitted by the utility concerning materials used in nuclear plants and assesses the impact of their ageing with respect to safety and protection against radiations.

Role in the project

The role of IRSN in SOTERIA is to study the effect of the presence of voids/cavities (due to irradiation swelling) on the viscoplastic behavior of polycrystalline aggregates for an irradiated austenitic stainless steel, through numerical full-field simulations, by using the Fast Fourier Transform method (FFT method), and through modelling, with new mean-field homogenisation techniques.

Personnel involved

Pierre-Guy VINCENT, scientist in mechanics of solids and mechanical engineering
Pierre-Guy VINCENT obtained his PhD in mechanics of solids in 2007. His thesis, jointly supported by IRSN and CNRS, dealt with the ductile damage behavior of saturated porous materials at high temperature such as the irradiated uranium dioxide under specific accidents. After a short post-doctoral position, he joined IRSN in 2008. Currently, he deals with the modeling of the fuel mechanical behavior by the way of up-scaling methods in mechanics of solids and the modeling of the ageing of materials in PWRs.
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Olivier Marchand
After ten years devoted to safety studies at IRSN (severe and design basis accidents), is the Head of the Material Physics and Thermal-Mechanics Laboratory at Nuclear Safety Division of IRSN since seven years. He is in charge of the Management of this laboratory mainly involved in studies dealing with thermo-mechanical behaviour of fuel rod during base irradiation and reactivity initiated accident) and in R&D activities regarding other nuclear materials (steel, concrete) thermo-mechanical behaviour including multi-scale modelling from atomistic scale up to macroscopic scale.
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