Tecnatom is an engineering services company owned by the Spanish leading electric utilities with over 50 years’ experience in the nuclear industry. The company's mission is to participate in the processes involved in electricity generation and in industrial processes in general, contributing to improving the safety, availability and economy of such processes. The organisation operates as a contractor to nuclear site license companies in Spain and to other European and worldwide nuclear industry customers.
Main expertise areas of Tecnatom are plant operation support, inspection services, structural integrity, execution and assessment of RPV surveillance programmes and training of NPP operations and maintenance personnel. The company has currently more than 800 employees, approximately 80% of which are post-graduates.
In recent years Tecnatom‟s activity has been particularly intense in the area of nuclear power plant personnel training, mainly due to the currently on-going generational change. The transfer of knowledge from experienced personnel to newcomers, the strengthening of safe behaviour patterns, the systematic training programmes specifically designed to match the skills required for the different job positions and the progress made in IC Technology applied to training have been the cornerstones of this change.

Role in the project

Tecnatom's contribution to SOTERIA focuses on dissemination and training activities. As WP6 leader, Tecnatom is responsible for the coordination of the different activities within this work package: the organisation of workshops, the preparation of dissemination material, the setup of a project public website, the development of an end-users group and the organisation of a training school. In addition to coordinate, the company is directly involved in the organisation of training courses and workshops with the aim of training early career professionals and disseminate the project results.
Tecnatom has participated in previous EC projects carrying out very similar tasks. During the recently finished project LONGLIFE, Tecnatom was in charge of organising an international training symposium and developing and maintaining the project website. This expertise, together with Tecnatom’s activity in the area of nuclear personnel training, will positively contribute to Tecnatom’s role in SOTERIA.

Personnel involved

Dr Ignacio Marcelles, head of Materials and Life Management Unit- WP6 leader
Ignacio Marcelles is Doctor in Industrial Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Madrid.  He has been working in Tecnatom since 1988, first being part of the training department. At present he is the head of the Materials and Life Management unit. During more than 15 years he worked in New Technologies and M&LM units, participating and coordinating research National and International projects related with degradation surveillance, monitoring tools development and ageing management.
Dr Ignacio Marcelles
Marta Colomer: Engineer, project manager - organisation of workshops/training school
Marta Colomer is an Industrial Engineer working in Tecnatom since 2009. Her work lies in the field of irradiation damage and nuclear components ageing management. She has been involved in the management of the Spanish reactor pressure vessel surveillance programmes and provides guidance to the Spanish utilities on the compliance and the application of regulatory requirements in this area. She has taken part in dissemination activities of the effects of irradiation on both reactor pressure vessel and internals materials, as well as the use of surveillance programmes and the role of neutronics analysis in this framework. She has been involved in EC R&D collaborative projects and has participated in the design of an irradiation surveillance programme for ITER. Additionally, she was directly responsible for the organisation of training courses and workshops within FP7 project LONGLIFE.
Marta Colomer
Xavier Jardí: Engineer, project manager - organisation of workshops/training school
Xavier Jardí is a Senior Project Manager with Tecnatom. He has been working in the fields of radiation damage mechanisms, structural integrity, plant life management and maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants for 12 years. Recently he has been representing the Spanish Nuclear Sector as a Resident Researcher at EPRI (USA). He was Project Manager of the Spanish Reactor Pressure Vessel Surveillance for 6 years, being responsible for the planning, coordination, execution and assessment of results. He has also wide experience managing international collaborative research projects for various organisations. His technical background is focused on neutronic calculations, dosimetry, testing of irradiated materials, assessment of irradiation damage, primary nuclear components degradation, surveillance and mitigation techniques and plant life management.
Xavier Jardi

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