UJV REZ, a.s.

ÚJV Řež is a contract organisation involved in many international assignments. With about 850 employees, ÚJV provides a broad range services from concept studies of new nuclear facilities, modification and upgrading of existing NPPs to waste management. Plant life management and components integrity assessment is one of the key expertise areas: material testing, material ageing, structural integrity, NDE a condition monitoring and lifetime prediction. ÚJV is responsible for the preparation of the system of plant life management for long term operation of NPPs in the Czech Republic.
ÚJV will provide the expertise of excellence which covers materials and materials ageing and component integrity coupled with experimental facilities for Czech NPPs, but also for WWER types in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Staff involved in this area covers 80 experts. In the material ageing research, component integrity assessment and life prediction more than 90 % from the annual turnover comes from contract research with industry. ÚJV has an active role in different international working groups and networks.
In the field of the material research for reactor pressure vessels, ÚJV was involved in FP5 (VERLIFE, PISA, FRAME, ATHENA, GRETE, SPIQNAR) and FP6 (PERFECT, COVERS) projects as well as in FP7 projects (PERFORM 6%, LONGLIFE). ÚJV is also a founded member of NULIFE. The main part UJV’s contribution in SOTERIA will be covered by the Division of Integrity and Technical Engineering. The Division has a long term experience in the research of reactor structural material properties, in unirradiated as well as irradiated conditions. Many research experimental programmes dealing with study of reactor pressure vessel materials for VVER as well as PWR type reactors have been performed, either within national, international (mainly IAEA Research co-ordinated projects, but also in bilateral and multilateral) and EU projects (5FP, 6FP, 7FP, PHARE, TACIS and TAREG). The staff is fully qualified for performance of necessary tests including their evaluation, analysis and final reporting. The Division represents a connection of multidisciplinary experts in the field of mechanical testing, metallography and fractography analysis, computing and structural integrity assessment. Division experts also realised irradiation and post-irradiation experiments in the research reactor.

Role in the project

The main efforts of ÚJV Řež within SOTERIA are concentrated on the study of effects that can be responsible for scatter/uncertainty in data of surveillance specimen programmes.
Materials with different chemical composition – base metals, weld metals and heat affected zones from surveillance and research programmes (C, Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, V) and initial microstructures are compared for different irradiation conditions: comparison and correlation of microstructure (metallography, TEM, SANS) and mechanical properties (tensile, impact, fracture toughness, punch tests) to determine potential effects of them on final irradiation embrittlement trend curves.
Study of the radiation hardening in individual steel phases (ferrite, pearlite, bainite) by microhardness and comparison with macromechanical properties – fracture toughness, (bulk) hardness as a function of neutron fluence for different RPV materials (base and weld metals (WWER and PWR) can explain some scatter of results and help to estimate it quantitatively. Another field of study is the analysis of the effect of neutron flux and spectrum under different irradiation conditions – irradiation in power reactor vs. experimental reactor. Numerical modelling of the effect of neutron spectrum on radiation damage in RPV steel using e.g. RPV 3.0 platform are performed and compared with experiments.
Finally, ÚJV Řež participates in the dissemination of results and comparison/check of evaluated models and platform to results from real irradiation experiments and programmes.

Personnel involved

Milan Brumovský, RNDr., PhD, project manager
Charles University, Faculty of mathematics and physics - MS in nuclear physics(1958), RNDr. (1971), Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics – PhD in experimental physics.
Since 1993 – ÚJV Řež, 1958-1992 – Škoda, Nuclear Machinery, Plzeň
Specialisation and technical experience:

  • Research of materials for reactor pressure vessels
  • Strength and integrity problems of VVER type reactors (experiments and calculations)
  • Radiation damage in structural materials
  • Ageing of structural materials including life management programmes

More than 300 publications in international and national journals, conferences, co-author of several IAEA publications in material research, radiation damage, PLIM, co-author of several books on RPV materials.
Expert IAEA in research projects in CNEA Argentina, ININ Mexico, CDTN Braztilia, AEC Bangladesh; visiting scientist in the EC Joint Research Centre-Institute of Energy, Petten, Netherlands; chief scientific investigator of 5 IAEA Co-ordinated research projects, of TACIS and TAREG projects, as well as of VERLIFE project and several national projects.
Role in the project: coordination of the ÚJV part of the project including planning of the mechanical and other tests and their evaluation; preparation of the test reports and other deliverables

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Miloš Kytka, ME, Head, Department of Hot cell laboratories
Czech Technical University, Prague, Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, ME in physical engineering (1991), University of Economy, Prague, ME in finance (1995)
Since 1991 – ÚJV Řež
More than 30 publications in journals and conferences.
Visiting scientist in the EC Joint Research Centre-Institute of Energy, Petten, Netherlands (2002-2004)
Role in the project: co-ordination of manufacturing specimens and of experimental activities in accredited laboratories; planning of testing mechanical properties of unirradiated and irradiated specimens; co-operation in preparation of test reports
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Radim Kopřiva, Head of Mechanical Testing Department
Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2009, ME;
Since 2009 – ÚJV Řež.
More than 25 publications in journals and conferences.
Role in the project: Management of testing mechanical properties of unirradiated and irradiated specimens, analysis of test results and preparation of test reports.
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