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Vattenfall AB (VFAB) is one of the largest utilities in northern Europe. The R&D department carries out projects of importance to the utility on all energy sources. The role of the research proposed here is aimed at material ageing studies within long-term operation and ageing management programmes for nuclear power plants in Sweden, and mainly the seven NPPs in Forsmark (three BWRs) and Ringhals (one BWR, three PWRs) owned by Vattenfall.

Role in the project

Vattenfall mainly contributes to WP5, providing supervision and support to one PhD student, in collaboration with KTH, on a complete evolution simulation of the nano-structure in RPV weld materials including comparison of Ringhals 4 NPP materials irradiated for up to 60 years LWR exposure. The simulations here planned, coupled with the experimental characterisation, allow for interpolations, and when possible, reliable extrapolations of the observations. This is coordinated with the Ringhals material group, through the close supervision by Pål Efsing. The aim is to realistically characterise RPV steels until end-of-life conditions. . 
Vattenfall also contributes to WP1 on scientific coordination and technical review, and to WP6 in the end-user group.

Personnel involved

Pål Efsing, senior specialist and materials expert at Ringhals AB, a subsidiary of Vattenfall, and Professor at KTH Stockholm
Efsing has 20+ year of experience in the nuclear business on manufacturing and ageing of structures and components, as well as solid and fracture mechanics, materials and failure analysis issues from a utility perspective.
The main areas of research include micro-structural and mechanical properties evolution in ageing components, mechanical and fracture mechanical properties as well as environmental degradation of structural materials in nuclear reactor systems.
Current work includes supervising several Ph. D. student at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH in Stockholm on programmes including Radiation effects of reactor pressure vessels steels, EAC of replacement materials for nuclear components, modelling of SCC in nuclear environments and hydrogen effects on high strength steels. Current activities at Ringhals are mainly focused on assisting the strive for the LTO fitness for service project. Active areas include microstructure and mechanical property analysis of irradiated reactor pressure vessel and internals materials, and welding and degradation issues of nickel-based alloys.
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Hans Henriksson, PhD in Applied Nuclear Physics, works as senior R&D engineer at Vattenfall AB, Business Strategy, R&D, Stockholm
Henriksson has over 10 years of experience from OECD-NEA, the Swedish Defence Research Agency and Vattenfall R&D of nuclear data and radiation measurement techniques, supervision of MSc and PhD students at Uppsala University, as well as modelling in neutronics codes.
Current work includes project management of material irradiation studies, LTO activities and ageing studies at operational and decommissioned plants, as well as scientific reviews.
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