The SOTERIA End-User Group had its Kick-off meeting on Wednesday 6 April 2016, at the occasion of the NUGENIA Forum 2016, held on 5-7 April 2016 in Marseille, France.

SOTERIA General Assembly 2016

After the first year of activities, the SOTERIA partners gathered for a General Assembly to discuss the project's progress. The meeting took place on on 29-30 September 2016 and was hosted in the premises of project partner JSI,  in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Industry-orientated events


Location: Milano (IT)

Exhibition and Conference for the Power Generation Industry:
gather information and compare views on shared opportunities and challenges; strategic and technical presentations.

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International Light Water Reactors Material Reliability Conference and Exhibition 2016

Location: Chicago (IL, USA)

Forum for discussing the latest research, plant experiences, analyses, planning and solutions for increased materials reliability in Light Water Reactor power plants components for current and extended periods of operation.

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WNA Symposium 2016 (World Nuclear Association)

Location: London (UK)

Symposium for discussing key topics related to the nuclear energy sector.

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ENC 2016 - European Nuclear Conference

Location: Warsaw (PL)

International networking event with a multidisciplinary approach, looking at nuclear science and technology in energy production, non-power industrial and life science applications.

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NUGENIA Annual Forum 2017

Location: Amsterdam (NL)

The sixth edition of NUGENIA’s annual experts’ event took place in Amsterdam from 28-30 March 2017.

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4th International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management (PLIM)

Location: Lyon, France

Public awareness raising and information days

Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften 2017

Location: Potsdam, Germany

British Science Week 2017

Location: UK

Scientific conferences

ASTM Workshop on Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Surveillance Programs

Location: Chicago (IL, USA)

Workshop on Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Surveillance Programs sponsored by the ASTM Committee E10 on Nuclear Application and Technology.

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MMM 2016 - 8th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modelling

Location: Dijon (FR)

Conference aiming to overview the current and steer the future developments in materials simulations towards more realistic and therefore more complex materials models and computational algorithms.

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Microscopy Conference 2017

Location: Lausanne, Switerland

2017 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibition

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

IAEA General Conference 2017 - 61st session

Location: Vienna, Austria

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