Press Release N°1 – Launch of the SOTERIA project

In this first Press Release you will find out more about the ambitious objectives of the SOTERIA project and the overall context it is embedded in.

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SOTERIA Periodic Newsletter Issue 1

The SOTERIA project is happy to release the First edition of its Periodic Newsletter, presenting the project and its first results. Have a pleasant read!

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SOTERIA Periodic Newsletter Issue 2

The SOTERIA project is happy to inform you about the release of the second edition of its periodic newsletter, which puts special emphasis on two very important project meetings held this year. It also highlights the efforts of the project partners to disseminate the project results through publications and presentations. We hope you will enjoy the read!

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SOTERIA Periodic Newsletter Issue 3

The third edition of the SOTERIA newsletter focuses on the technical progress of the different work packages, describing among other items of interest, the technical report on microstructural inhomogeneities of reactor pressure vessel steels and their impact on mechanical properties, that was issued within WP3, and the new hybrid kinetic MonteCarlo method for complex alloys that has been developed within WP5. This issue also presents information about the General Assembly meeting held in November, in Madrid.

A section on upcoming events includes a brief description about the Soteria midterm workshop and the training school which will both take place in 2018. 

Finally, we would like to remind that the SOTERIA End-User Group is still open to equipment manufacturers, vendors, and operators (if interested, please contact Marc Berveiller at

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